Don't Click on This!
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Want to add a link from your web page to this page?

Don't Click Here!

1. You may use the animated image at left to make a link to this page. To copy this image to your hard drive, put your cursor over the image, hold down your mouse button, and follow the prompt in the pop-up menu that you see.

2. Next, put the animated image in the same directory as the web page on which you want it to appear. Then add this code to your web page:

<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><IMG WIDTH=86 HEIGHT=102 VSPACE=0 HSPACE=0 BORDER=0 ALT="Don't Click Here!" SRC="click_ani.gif"></A>

3. If you change the name of the animated image OR if you put the image in a directory other than the one where your web page is, you'll have to have to change SRC="click_ani.gif" in the html code above to reflect those changes.

4. If you use the link code above, clicking on the image will open another browser window on top of the window showing your web page. To make this page display in the browser window in place of the page carrying the link, remove TARGET="_blank" from the html code above.