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For Parents, Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles (mentors/guardians):

Do you have a child who loves to draw that you’d love to help direct with some quality teaching and a positive sense of purpose? Check out “Learn How-to-Draw” by illustrator Ron Wheeler. This series of classes is perfect for the child (or adult) who not only takes drawing seriously, but also wants to know what to do with this talent. Whether you simply want to give your children a broader exposure to round out their general education … or you want to supply your children with professional training that will help them take the next step in pursuing their passion, this course is for you.


Self-discovery … for the special kid who was born with a pencil in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.

• Give that teenage kid this course and turn him/her loose, or sit next to the elementary age child one-on-one, and go through it together.
• Most true creative pursuits are a self-discovery process. In these videos Ron shares the secrets growing up of what he learned about cartooning (and himself) in his own self-discovery journey.

(The Sketchbook Manual is a tool the student can draw in as a refresher to help reinforce the concepts learned.)

Pick & Choose

Pick-and-choose ... for teachers and home school parents, videos can be pulled out to augment what is already being taught. For example ...

• Teaching a unit on creating comic strips? Use the “Creating Comic Strips” video to get you started.
• Want some fun games to make drawing time a fun time for your students? Watch “The Value of Drawing Games” and introduce these games into your classroom.
• Teaching the basics of How-to-Draw characters in different positions? Follow Ron’s techniques in “How-to-Draw a Dancing Bear” as well as in all of his digital illustration videos.
• Want your students to know what it means to give their gifts totally to the Lord? Have your students watch “Ron’s Story” and “The Ministry Aspect of Cartooning.”

(Use of the Sketchbook Manual here will be more effective if the material covered in the manual is already watched on video.)

Stand Alone Course

Stand-alone course ... can also be used in a classroom setting, but you will need to develop your own syllabus according to the length of time you have available and what you want to emphasize. Keep in mind …

• The material naturally builds upon itself. Start with the first video and work your way through.
• There is roughly seven hours of teaching over nearly three-dozen videos. Some last only a few minutes, and some are quite long.
• Sometimes you may be able to go through several videos in one sitting, and other times you may want to take extra time on one facet and watch the same video more than once.
• For example, you may want to spend extra time developing clay models after watching the “Clay-Molding” and “Clay-Drawing” videos. Students can then learn How-to-Draw their sculptures from various angles so they can more easily create a comic strip or a picture book around a single character.
• In other words, if there’s an interest, you can spend a dozen hours applying what Ron teaches in a dozen minutes.

(The Sketchbook Manual can be printed and given to each student as a place to take notes and create further drawings based on the concepts learned.)

This course has the flexibility to be used in a way that allows you to place extra emphasis on areas where there is extra interest.

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